Destination Production Services

Photos, video, and aerials of outdoor destinations of all kinds, from trail systems and mountain towns to ski resorts and state parks.


Here's how it works: We travel, we shoot, you get a boatload of clips and images of a ton of stunning locations within your destination! Depending on the destination and your content goals, we'll schedule anywhere from 3 days to a week of filming and exploring, then in a few short weeks, you'll have a plethora of fresh new visuals to add to your website, marketing materials, social media accounts, heck, even billboards!

To make sure we capture exactly what you're after, you can tell us about all your destination marketing dreams and desires (aka: goals) and then we'll work with you to create a shot list, schedule, and outline priorities.

The possibilities are endless: we can create custom how-to videos for your ski resort, capture the liveliness of outdoor events, highlight all the beautiful hiking trails in your backyard, or all the outdoor activities around town.

Case Studies

Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

This gem of a midwestern destination flew us out for 3 full days during the fall, a spectacularly colorful season in Wisconsin, to capture outdoor destinations and the manicured grounds of one of their best-known hotels. We photographed kayaking, hiking, the lake, and a few views from around town to provide the tourism board with images and custom edited videos to use in their own marketing, including billboards, visitors guides, and commercials.

Lake Placid, New York

We visited Lake Placid at the start of the winter and captured much of the snowy magic that makes this such a magical destination. From snowshoeing to skiing, lake views to ski resorts, and a smattering of fine dining and downtown fun, we created eye-catching video that highlights the winter wonderland Lake Placid truly is.

Door County, Wisconsin

A visit over several days in the fall meant there was plenty of opportunity to capture changing leaves, quiet hiking trails, waves breaking on rocky cliffs, and many of the natural attractions that appeal to the reflective adventurers who are drawn to the region season after season.