About us

We are adventures first and creators an impressively close second. We are backpackers, hikers, travelers, mountain bikers, and kayakers in addition to experienced photographers, video producers, and writers. We play outside, we aren't afraid to go deep (into the woods, that is), and sleeping in the dirt is one of our favorite pastimes (right after capturing the stunning places outside our tent on camera, of course).

As bloggers, YouTubers, video editors, and journalists, we (via Terradrift and as freelance professionals) have worked with brands and destinations like Lifestraw, Ignik, Big Agnes, Helly Hansen, Visit California, Elkhart Lake, Visit New York and more to highlight everything from backpacks to ski resorts, and getting out there to create and capture content at the intersection of lifestyle and commercial photography is always a pleasure.

Alisha McDarris

Co-Founder, Photographer, Writer

As a freelance journalist and professional photographer with nearly 20 years of experience, Alisha has owned and operated a portrait studio, captured stunning destinations to accompany articles she has written for publications like Popular Science, Backpacker, and BBC Travel, and provided brands and destinations with eye-catching images of their places and products. She's the one still shooting landscapes and environmental portraits while everyone else is relaxing at camp after a hard day's hike. She grew up camping, hiking and backpacking and loves nothing better than losing herself (figuratively, of course) in nature.

Favorite destination to photograph: Greenland

Favorite piece of gear: Just try to pry her Kula cloth from her cold, dead fingers.

Josh McDarris

Co-Founder, Videographer, Drone Pilot

Since childhood, Josh has been captivated by the allure of the moving image. From quirky films shot on super 8 to expert animation projects to drone photography shot over the Austrian Alps, he's done it all. For over 15 years he has worked as a video producer, editor, YouTuber, and more, but his favorite thing to film is the great outdoors (and the people and things found there).

Favorite destination to film: Yosemite

Favorite piece of gear: His Stanley IceFlow Fast Flow bottle. Don't laugh; it rocks.