Destination Photography and Videography

If you're in search of epic imagery to use in your destination marketing, you've come to the right place. We'll go where others won't–into the backcountry, beyond the woods, down the river–to capture the wild and wonderful places your destination has to offer.

After all, you represent an amazing destination. So whether your goal is to inspire generations of outdoor enthusiasts to opt outside, to highlight the epic outdoor activities and adventure available on your doorstep, or you simply need to spruce up your outdated marketing imagery, we've got you covered.

As outdoor content creators, we partner with your existing creative team to produce stunning visuals that highlight the beauty of your destination or outdoor brand.

Outdoor Brand Photo & Video

Your brand exists to help others get outside to explore. So do we. And we'll take your gear–from backpacks to water filters to hiking clothing–into the wild to capture epic images of your products in the places they were meant to be. From lifestyle shots to stunning b-roll, your gear has never looked better.

After all, you make exceptional gear, so you need exceptional imagery in exceptional places to reflect that. Whether that means action-packed B-roll for online marketing or epic action shots for social or product pages, we can handle it. We'll listen to your vision, work with you to choose destinations, and make sure we provide exactly what you're looking for.

Oh, and did we mention we're based in stunning Northern Utah? Yup. awe-inspiring vistas, whether you want red rocks, snow-capped mountains, or wide-open plains, are never far away. (But we also love to travel!)

What We Do

From jaw-dropping custom photography to aerial imagery with serious wow-factor to complete video production services, we'll capture what makes your outdoor brand or destination so magical so you can share how spectacular it is with the world. Whether that's showcasing a rad new trail system or a sustainable new line of backpacks, we make it shine.

As professional content creators for outdoor destinations and outdoorsy brands, we go where others won’t–into the backcountry, downriver, up a mountain–anywhere we need to to capture the places adventurers want to see. We'll brave desert heat, mountain cold, and everything in between as we go farther into the beautiful wild, from day hikes, afternoon rafting trips, or multi-day trips. Bonus: We are a duo that does it all: photo, video, even words if you like.

Photography & Aerial: Scores of images for use in web, social, and print.

Video & Aerial: Shot over several days and many locations. Minutes or hours, it's up to you.

Video Editing: Sizzle reels, full-length destination videos, even social media content crafted from footage we capture.

Who We Are and Who We Serve

We have a combined 35+ years of experience in the photography, travel journalism, and video production industries, including as founders of sustainable adventure blog and YouTube channel We've reviewed gear and worked closely with sustainable brands, highlighted outdoor adventure destinations, and written stories, complete with original images for national and international publications. We're lovers of the outdoors, passionate about sustainability, and world travelers.

We work with U.S. + International outdoor destinations (including cities, counties, outdoor-centric resorts + hotels, trail systems, guide companies, etc.) AND outdoor brands who are as passionate about the places in which we recreate (and protecting those places) as we are.

"The video was beautiful! We are thrilled with your work and what you were able to capture!!"

Kathleen, Elkhart Lake Tourism

"You gave one of the best breakdowns of the gear we've ever seen. Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into it!"

Justin, MODL

"Thanks so much again for all your hard work on this–it turned out great!"

Kelly, Roadpass Digital

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